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All detailed information about AeroSIMRC is available in this Wiki.

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Free evaluation

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  1. Insert the supplied CD in your computer and run setup.exe,
    Download the latest version of AeroSIMRC from the download page.
  2. Make sure you have the Graphics Driver installed in your computer. Otherwise the graphics may be extremely slow, and the program may crash.
Wiki / Start / Graphics Driver

Graphics Driver

Ignore this section if the simulator runs smooth and nice.

However, if the simulation runs very slow...

You should know that AeroSIMRC requires that the graphics driver of your graphics card is properly installed.

If the Graphics Driver is not installed correctly in your computer, Windows may use its own driver which ignores the cool acceleration hardware of your graphics card, resulting in a extremely slow frame rate.

See how to install the Graphics Driver here Wiki / Advanced / Install Graphic Driver

Wiki / Start / Starting AeroSIM RC

Starting AeroSIM RC

You can run AeroSIMRC from Windows Start Menu, or from the desktop icon.

AeroSIM RC icon

Windows Start Menu with AeroSIM RC

AeroSIM RC icon on Desktop

AeroSIM RC in the Windows Start Menu

Quick Start Guide

Have a look at the Quick Start Guide for a step by step instructions to get AeroSIMRC set up and running.

Remote Controller Calibration

The first time you run the simulator after installation, the Calibration Assistant will run automatically.

You can always run the Assistant from Top Menu / Controller / Configuration and click the Configure and Calibrate TX button.


After the scenario is loaded, an introductory tour around the scenario will be started.

To skip the scenario tour, press ESC, Enter, Space bar or a mouse button.

Loading screen

Loading screen

Wiki / Start / Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Unlike games with spectacular graphics, AeroSIMRC only needs a humble computer to run smoothly. We focus on training not spectacle.

Please download and try AeroSIMRC in your computer.


For better performance, any dedicated graphics card will be great, for example a NVIDIA or AMD/ATI.

Wiki / Start / Safety


Unless you spend hours without blinking in front of the computer..., there is no specific health or safety risk involved in using AeroSIMRC

You will not cut your finger with the simulated propeller, nor crash your aircraft against anybody. No one in the simulator will complain if you fly over their heads.

Having said that, you should not develop bad habits in the simulator.

In real life, you must follow all applicable safety regulations, hence we strongly recommend that you start to put into practise such safety rules from the very first flight in the simulator.

First flight of your real aircraft

Our simulated aircraft have been designed and tested by experts. They are correctly trimmed, and do not present unwanted drift due to construction inacuracies or wrong configuration.

However, the first flight of your real aircraft should be performed by an experienced pilot, who will be able to react correctly in the likely event that your aircraft shows any drift during the flight.

After a few adjustments done by an experienced pilot, the aircraft will be a lot easier to fly.

Wiki / Start / Mac


AeroSIMRC requires Windows. However, Mac users have reported that AeroSIMRC runs fine on Mac in several configurations.

Options to run AeroSIMRC on Mac:

Before you buy AeroSIMRC, please download the software and try it in you system.

Wiki / Start / Help


User Manual

All detailed information about AeroSIMRC is available in the online Wiki pages.
You can also open the online Wiki pages from the simulator Top Menu Bar / Help

Context Help within AeroSIM RC

AeroSIMRC offers detailed information about most elements on the screen, right mouse click to display.

This Mouse Cursor means:
further help available with the right mouse button.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please, check the Frequently Asked Questions online page.

eMail support

If you have any question not answered here, we will be happy to help you.
Please, send us your query from our contact form