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Latest full installation package.
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Update from 5.00 to 6.02
(To update from earlier versions,
download the full installation package above)

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Flying time is limited to 2 minutes without the original USB interface.

AeroSIM-RC is highly optimised to run smoothly on computers with inexpensive graphics hardware. We focus on training, not special effects.

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If you already own the simulator and want to try the Pro features, please contact us and we will send you an activation code for 2-hour evaluation.

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Download Scenarios Sample Scenarios created with the Scenario Generator are available for download at the bottom of this page.
New in 6.02

New in 6.02

(Feb 2023)

Small fixes from v6.01:

New in 6.01

(Jan 2023)

Newly Supported Controllers

From this version, AeroSIM-RC supports any joystick device:

Multiple Controllers

Other improvements

New in 5.03

New in 5.03

(Mar 2022)


The new RC airplane EYAS is one of the best trainers available.

New in 5.01

New in 5.01

(Oct 2021)

Map View

Map view

Map view.
Shows aircraft position, heading and velocity vector, trajectory, home position, altitude, speed, map scale, etc.

Tiled views

AeroSIM-RC tiled views

The Map, VLOS and Camera views can now be arranged in tiles.

Thermal soaring


A Thermal is a column of rising warm air where an airplane can glide without power.
Circling birds, as shown in AeroSIM-RC, indicate the presence of a thermal.
Vario The new "Vario" instrument shows the vertical velocity and altitude graph.

Night mode (Pro)

How does it feel to fly at night?
Aircraft have been equipped with a green flashing light for visibility (allowing to be distinguished from manned aircraft).

Night drone operation

Get immersed in the darkness of the night with a drone.


The certificate can be exported for printing in the Pro edition.

AeroSIM-RC Certificate of Achievement

Earn your Certificate by completing the training programs.

Other new Features


New in 4.70

New in 4.70

(May 2020)

Pro Training

VLOS Pilot Multirotor training program in AeroSIM RC Advanced Training Program

Training statistics can now be uploaded and shared with your instructor.

New Upload Stats feature

AESA official Exam manoeuvres

Available in the Pro edition

New selectable Wind direction.
Official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License in Spain - Spanish Aviation Authority (AESA) - rev.4 30/12/2019

AESA is the Spanish Aviation Authority. These are the official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License in Spain.

New Aircraft

Flying Wing FW-2M HeliCam (Pro)


Manual Flight Mode Angle Flight Mode Altitude-Hold Flight Mode Manual Flight Mode Attitude Flight Mode GPS Flight Mode Return To Home Throttle Hold

With Angle and Altitude-Hold flight modes.

Manual, Attitude + Altitude,
GPS, Return To Home,
Throttle Hold for autorotation practise.

New Features


New in 4.61

New in 4.61

(Oct 2019)

New in 4.52

New in 4.52

(Feb 2019)

New in 4.5

New in 4.5

(Oct 2018)


The parachute reduces the impact energy in case of emergency

Aerial Inspection Scenario

New Scenario for Aerial Inspections
with Wind Turbines, Power Lines, Comms Towers and Solar Panels

New in 4.3

New in 4.3

(May 2016)


DJI iOSD is included as a Plugin with source code

Raven UAV     MultiWiiCopter Scarab Reconn

New Raven and MultiWiiCopter Scarab Reconn

CyberQuad MAXI     ATX8_PRO

New in 4.2

New in 4.2

(Apr 2014)

DJI Phantom at City

DJI Phantom 2 Vision

DJI Phantom     TBS Discovery PRO

DJI Phantom 2 Vison, and TBS Discovery PRO

New in 4.1

New in 4.1

(Oct 2013)

DJI F450     Cinestar 8

New DJI F450 and Cinestar 8

DJI F450 with GPS

New in 4.0

New in 4.0

(Feb 2013)

City Scenario     ATX8



New in 3.91

New in 3.91

(Mar 2012)

Trii     Siix

New Trii and Siix

New in 3.8

New in 3.8

(Oct 2011)

Multirotor Mikrokopter Okto-XL

New MK-Okto XL with stabilized camera

Drone course: Nose-in exercise     Helicopter course: Throttle Control

Drone course: Forward flight exercise     Helicopter course: Hover

New Copter Training Program

New in 3.7

New in 3.7

(May 2011)

Mikrokopter multirotors in AeroSIM-RC

MK-Quadro     MK-Hexa

MK-Okto     MK-Okto2

New Mikrokopter MK-Quadro, MK-Hexa, MK-Okto, MK-Okto2

New in 3.6

New in 3.6

(Mar 2011)

Heli 30

New Heli30

OSD644DMD plugin for AeroSIM-RC  

New OSD644DMD plugin

New in 3.5

New in 3.5

(Nov 2010)

Ikarus OSD plugin for AeroSIM-RC   Ikarus OSD

Ikarus OSD plugin (included in v3.5)

Scenario Generator

New Real Elevation Data for scenario generated from satellite images


New multirotor GAUI 330X-S

New in 3.4

New in 3.4

(Jul 2010)

OSD for FPV training

New OSD compass ribbon

Foam Glider        

New aircraft and new Camera Controls

New in 3.3

(Mar 2010)

Predator UAV   CyberQuad

New Predator and CyberQuad

New in 3.2

New in 3.2

(Nov 2009)

New Channel Configuration Menu

New in 3.1

New in 3.1

(Oct 2009)

Scenario Generator

New Scenario Generator

New in 3.0

New in 3.0

(Sep 2009)

New Training Program

New TRIM function to practise with out-of-trim airplanes

New in 2.03

New in 2.03

(Jun 2009)

Improved OSD with Battery Voltage, Current, Consumed Charge and Timer

Improved Aircraft Selection menu with info such as weight, wingspan, scale, etc.

Improved FPV Options with Alarms

New in 2.02

New in 2.02

(Jan 2009)

  First Multirotor in AeroSIM-RC

New Multirotor

New in 2.01

New in 2.01

(Nov 2008)

New in 2.0

New in 2.0

(Oct 2008)

FPV features (First Person View)

Scenario Generator from Sat Image

P-51D EF2000 Dolphin
Cessna 182 SkyLane Nimbus-4M Flying Wing
Tucano Vibrant Extra 300S

New aircraft

Download Scenario

Download Scenarios

These scenarios have been created with the Scenario Generator built in AeroSIM-RC

Scenario Files  
AMA Headquarters USA

Download AMA Scenario
AMA Headquarters scenario
5th FPV Meeting Spain

Download Scenario
2nd FPV Meeting Brasil

Download Scenario
Asas Do Japi
FPV Brazil
FPV Meeting France

Download Scenario
L'Aigle 12 Km
Donwload Scenario
L'Aigle 6 Km
FPV Meeting France Scenario created by AeroSIM-RC from a satellite image
3rd FPV Meeting Spain

Download Scenario
Alas de la Sierra

Club Alas de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain)
Download Scenario
Saeta Flying Site (Seville, Spain)

This is a sample scenario created with the Scenario Generator Tool included with AeroSIM-RC