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Drone Simulation

Serious Training

Drone Simulator

AeroSIMRC is a realistic Drone Simulator for the beginner pilot
who needs to practise many hours before flying the real thing.


Multirotor Mikrokopter Okto-XL   Drone DJI F450 with Naza and GPS   Multirotor Cinestar 8   DJI Phantom   TBS Discovery PRO

DJI F450 with GPS    Mikrokopter drones in AeroSIM-RC

Advance - Aerial Video Multirotor

The 'Advance' is equipped with a gimbal specifically configured for aerial photography and video practice.
The gimbal can pan ±330°, and tilt down to -90°

Flight Modes and Functions

3D  Manual  Attitude  GPS Hold Position  Altitude hold  RTH Return To Home      Course lock mode (DJI)  Care Free mode (Mikrokopter) 
Gimbal Reset / Look Forward  Camera gimbal stabilization  LED  Parachute (Flight Termination System)  Camera take photo to jpg file 

Camera Gimbal

Okto with camera gimbal and LEDs in Stadium

Training Program

Altitude control familiarisation

Altitude control familiarisation

Training Purpose: Learn to control with precision the vertical motion of the multirotor.

Tasks: Lift the multirotor to the altitude indicated by the arrows.
Follow the arrows when they move to a different altitude.

Notes: The first times it can be quite difficult to keep the multirotor from banging the ground or rocketing into the sky.

Hovering inside a circle

Hovering inside a circle

Training Purpose: Master hovering

Tasks: Take off, then keep the multirotor inside the circle.
Translate the multirotor to the new position ech time the circle moves.

Notes: The circle will move in a square patterns in order to practise left, right, and diagonal translations.
In the first exercises, the altitude is controlled by the simulator.

Nose-in hovering

Nose-in hovering

Training Purpose: Master nose-in hover (when the multirotor is heading at the pilot)

Tasks: Take off, then keep the multirotor inside the circle.

Notes: The challenge here is that when the multirotor is heading the pilot, the controls seem to be reversed (e.g. left stick moves the multirotor to the right)

Landing inside the circle

Landing inside the circle

Training Purpose: Master landing.

Tasks: Take off and land inside the circle.
Each time the circle moves to a new position, take off and land again inside the circle.

Notes: The circle will move in square patterns in order to practise left, right, and diagonal translations.

Forward Flight

Forward Flight

Training Purpose: Master forward flight (i.e. flying with the multirotor nose always pointing in the direction of flight)

Tasks: Take off, and fly the indicated pattern while yawing the multirotor to always point to the direction of flight.

Notes: This is a quite difficult exercise. Helpful rotating arrows are displayed if the heading is incorrect.