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FPV Simulation

First Person View


FPV Camera

FPV Camera

Aircraft in AeroSIM-RC are equipped with camera and gimbal.

TBS Discovery PRO FPV airplane    FPV Multirotor    Predator UAV

All aircraft in AeroSIM-RC are equipped with FPV camera


OSD (On Screen Display)

Real OSDs are emulated in AeroSIM-RC

OSD644DMD plugin for AeroSIM-RC    Ikarus OSD plugin for AeroSIM-RC

OSD644DMD and IkarusOSD


DJI iOSD is included as a Plugin with source code

Scenario Generator

Scenario Generator

Create a new Scenario in AeroSIM-RC from a satellite image of your flying site.

Scenario created by AeroSIM-RC from a satellite image

Scenario Generator



Enhance your remote pilot experience by displaying the Telemetry data in the Remote Controller or in Telemetry Apps.

Detailed info Wiki FrSky Telemetry Plugin

AeroSIM-RC generated FrSky Telemetry displayed on a Taranis

Telemetry data in your Remote Controller display

Telemetry Viewer App 'iNav SmartPort telemetry viewer and logger'

Telemetry data in a tablet or phone