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FPV Simulation

First Person View

AeroSIMRC gives you the thrill of flying a Remotely Controller airplane, helicopter or drone, through the video received from a FPV camera installed on your aircraft. Even the OSD is simulated.

FPV Features

FPV Features

FPV Camera

FPV Camera

Aircraft in AeroSIMRC are equipped with camera and gimbal.

TBS Discovery PRO FPV airplane    FPV Multirotor    Predator UAV

All aircraft in AeroSIM RC are equipped with FPV camera


OSD (On Screen Display)

Real OSDs are emulated in AeroSIMRC

OSD644DMD plugin for AeroSIM RC    Ikarus OSD plugin for AeroSIM RC

OSD644DMD and IkarusOSD


DJI iOSD is included as a Plugin with source code

Scenario Generator

Scenario Generator

Create a new Scenario in AeroSIMRC from a satellite image of your flying site.

Scenario created by AeroSIM RC from a satellite image

Scenario Generator



Enhance your remote pilot experience by displaying the Telemetry data in the Remote Controller or in Telemetry Apps.

Detailed info Wiki FrSky Telemetry Plugin

AeroSIM RC generated FrSky Telemetry displayed on a Taranis

Telemetry data in your Remote Controller display

Telemetry Viewer App 'iNav SmartPort telemetry viewer and logger'

Telemetry data in a tablet or phone