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Professional Features

For Professional Users

Professional aircraft


For the RC beginner
For the Professional Pilot
  • RC planes, helicopters and drones
  • Basic Training programs
  • Professional drones and functions
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • Exam manoeuvres
  • Optional Scenarios
  • Optional Dual-Controller
Pro Edition

Pro Edition

Features included with the Pro Edition

Advanced Training

VLOS Pilot Multirotor training program in AeroSIM RC Advanced Training Program

Training statistics can be
uploaded and shared with your

New Upload Stats feature

AESA official Exam manoeuvres

(with selectable Wind direction)
Official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License in Spain - Spanish Aviation Authority (AESA) - rev.4 30/12/2019

AESA is the Spanish Aviation Authority. These are the official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License in Spain.


HeliCam Throttle Hold

Return To Home

Manual Flight Mode Attitude Flight Mode GPS Flight Mode
Flight Modes:
  • Manual, Attitude, GPS
  • Return To Home,
  • Throttle Hold for autorotation practise.
  • 360° Pan
  • Zoom 2° - 60°

Advanced gimbal operation

Advance - Aerial Video Multirotor

"Advance" multirotor for Aerial Video, with ±330° gimbal, and automatic landing gear.

Aerial photography and video

Landing Gear

Flight Improvements

Safety First


CyberQuad MAXI    ATX8-PRO    FleX-8



Capture snapshot

Aerial Inspection Scenario

Aerial Inspection Scenario

Wind Turbines, Power Lines, Comms Towers and Solar Panels

Add this optional scenario to your Pro edition for specialised training.

Aerial Inspection Scenario

Scenario for Aerial Inspection of
Wind Turbines, Power Lines, Comms Towers and Solar Panels

12 Channels

12 Channels

12 Channel + Multi-Controller

This is an optional feature that can be added to the Pro edition.

The standard license supports single-controller with up to 7 channels, which is more than enough for pilot
training since all functions can also be controlled from the computer keyboard and mouse.

However, advanced camera operation requires to control pan, tilt, zoom, gimbal reset and gimbal stabilizer
while additional channels may also be required for safety functions like RTH and Parachute release.

Professional drone applications may require a dual-controller system, in which the
pilot uses one controller, and a second controller is used by the camera operator to manage the gimbal and camera.

   - This license supports up to 12 channels.
   - This license also supports multi-controller operation.

   - When ordered with the controller FS-i6S, we will include an iBus to PPM converter, conveniently connected and tested
     (this converter is needed because the receiver’s PPM signal only contains the first 8 channels).

   - The 12 Channel function requires a RC Transmitter capable of generating a PPM output with the 12 channels
     (for example: FrSky Taranis, Graupner mx20)
   - The multi-controller function requires a second controller for multiple controller operation.
     The second controller can be connected in Joystick Mode (See examples).

Example of 12 channel assignment

Example of 12 Channels used for
Multirotor Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Motor and Flight Mode,
Camera Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Stabilizer, Center,
and Safety RTH and Parachute