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Helicopter Simulation

Learn to fly a RC helicopter

Helicopter Training

AeroSIMRC is a realistic Radio Control Simulator
with a comprehensive Training Program for the beginner pilot
who needs to practise many hours before flying the real thing.

Helicopter Features

Heli 30

IdleUp-0 for starting the engine   IdleUp-1 for high rpm   IdleUp-2 for 3D flight   Throttle Hold to practise autorotation


HeliCam, available in Pro2019, features assisted Flight Modes and gimbal

HeliCam Throttle Hold

Return To Home

Manual Flight Mode Attitude Flight Mode GPS Flight Mode
Flight Modes:
  • Manual, Attitude, GPS
  • Return To Home,
  • Throttle Hold for autorotation practise.
  • 360° Pan
  • Zoom 2° - 60°
Helicopter Training Program

Helicopter Training Program

Throttle Control

Altitude control familiarisation


Nose-in hovering is very important to master


Hovering inside the moving circle


Landing inside the circle

Forward Flight

Forward Flight requires to master the helicopter at any heading

Available Helicopters

Available Helicopters

Heli 30
Heli 30
Rotor diameter
2-Stroke EngineThrottle Hold
This is a representative model helicopter for the beginner, with wooden blades and a .30 sized Nitro engine, can easily accomplish full 3D maneuvers.
Requires Pro LicenseMass
Rotor diameter
2-Stroke EngineManual Flight ModeGPS Flight Mode
Attitude Flight ModeThrottle HoldReturn To Home
This helicopter features GPS flight mode, and automatic Return To Home function. Equipped with a stabilized gimbal with a camera capable of 2 degree zoom.