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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ / Computer_Power

Do I need a powerful computer to run AeroSIM-RC?


AeroSIM-RC is highly optimized and only needs a humble computer to run smoothly. We focus on training, not special effects.

Check requirements here

FAQ / Which Remote Controller

Do I need a Controller?

Yes, you need one.

There are many different Controllers suitable for AeroSIM-RC: Wiki / Controller / Controller Choice

FAQ / Connect Controller

How do I connect my Controller to the computer?

Depending on the Controller, it can be connected using the Trainer Port, a PPM receiver, a USB cable, or even Bluetooth.

Check all possibilities here: Wiki / Controller / Controller Choice

FAQ / Purchase without USB

Can I buy AeroSIM-RC without the USB dongle?

No. AeroSIM-RC is only sold with its USB dongle.

The USB works as interface with the Controller, and also as a license dongle.

If the USB dongle is not plugged in, the simulator will work for 2 minutes as a free demo.

FAQ / Other USB or joystick

Can I use a USB Controller, joystick or a USB cable from other simulator?

Yes. From version 6.0, AeroSIM-RC supports any joystick device, provided that the USB interface is also connected as a license dongle)

Check all compatible Controllers here: Wiki / Controller / Controller Choice

FAQ / Problems

My Controller is not working correctly

FAQ / Windows 10

Windows 10

AeroSIM-RC runs fine on Windows 10.

If you have any problem, please check Wiki / Solutions / Windows 10 .

When upgrading from older Windows to Windows 10, the graphics driver does not always work correctly, and the graphics may be too slow, or the program may even crash. The solution is to install the latest graphic driver.

However, when Windows searches for the latest driver, it may erroneously report that the latest driver is already installed.

The solution in this case is to uninstall the graphics driver, and then install it again.

FAQ / Mac

Mac Compatibility?

AeroSIM-RC is a Windows application. However, Mac users have reported that AeroSIM-RC runs fine on Mac in several configurations.

Options to run AeroSIM-RC on Mac:

Before you buy AeroSIM-RC, please download the software and try it in you system.

FAQ / Mouse

Can't see the mouse pointer

If the mouse pointer is not displayed when you run AeroSIM-RC, check the solution in Wiki / Solutions / Invisible Mouse.

FAQ / Help

I need more help!

If your question is not answered in our Wiki pages,
please, send us your question from the contact page