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Wiki / Views / Viewports


AeroSIM-RC can present different views on the screen, for example the view from the ground (VLOS) or the camera view.

AeroSIM-RC tiled views

Views arranged in tiles.
Main Viewport (Left)       Secondary Viewport (Top right)       Map Viewport (Bottom right)

The views are displayed in Viewports which are like windows that can be resized, moved and tiled.

Viewports Views
Main Viewport
The Main Viewport is always active.

The following views can be displayed in the Main Viewport:
Secondary Viewport
The Secondary Viewport can be overlaid on top of the Main Viewport, or it can be tiled with the other Viewports.

These are the views that can be displayed in the Secondary Viewport:
Map Viewport
The Map Viewport can be overlaid on top of the Main Viewport, or it can be tiled with the other Viewports.
Wiki / Views / Secondary Viewport

Secondary Viewport

The Secondary Viewport is shown pressing at the Function Bar, or from Main Menu / View.

The Secondary Viewport showing a zoomed look at the aircraft (VLOS with Zoom view)

Views available in the Secondary Viewport
VLOS with Zoom: the view shows a large image of the aircraft as seen from the ground.
Chase view
Camera view
Wiki / Views / Map Viewport

Map Viewport

The Map view is selected from the Bottom Bar or from Main Menu / View
Shows the aircraft position, heading and velocity vector, trajectory, home position, altitude, speed, map scale, etc.

Map view

Map view

Center the view on the aircraft Home position
Center the view on Home Zoom in
Clear the track Zoom out
GS Ground Speed D Distance to Home
VS Vertical Velocity H Height
77% Battery remaining charge 6:31 Flight Time
Wiki / Views / VLOS View


Visual Line of Sight

VLOS refers to when the pilot controls the aircraft by looking at the aircraft with the naked eye, from the ground.

This view is selected from the Bottom Bar or from Main Menu / View

The view is fixed at the pilot ground position, and it is always looking at the aircraft.


Controls on screen
  • Reset
  • Zoom
  • Predefined Zoom 1, 2 and 3

Mouse Controls
  • Zoom: drag with right mouse button, or use the mouse wheel.
  • Restore Initial Zoom: Push both left and right mouse buttons at the same time.

Zoom 50º

Initial Zoom (21º)

Zoom 5º

The Zoom is controlled with the right mouse button, and with the mouse wheel.

Zoom vs Situational Awareness

If zooming in too much, ground reference is lost, and if zooming out too much, the aircraft appears very small on the screen. This is a well known issue on Personal Computer simulations.

AeroSIM-RC applies three techniques to mitigate this issue:

Wiki / Views / Camera View

Camera View

Onboard Camera & First Person View

All aircraft in AeroSIM-RC are equipped with one or several onboard cameras.

The more advanced multirotors are equipped with powerful cameras and gimbals, which can zoom, pan and tilt, and stabilize the roll for cinematic video training.

This view is selected from the Bottom Bar or from Main Menu / View

The FPV camera (First Person View) is usually a low resolution camera either fixed, or mounted on a gimbal (with pan and pitch controlled by servos) to emulate the view from the cockpit.

OnBoard Camera
From the Cockpit

OnBoard Camera
Under the Wing

OnBoard Camera
Under the aircraft


The camera pan, tilt, zoom, roll and stabilization can be operated from the Remote Controller. The controller channels are assigned to the camera functions in Channel Configuration.

Additionally, the camera can be controlled with the mouse:

Controls on screen
  • Reset / Center Gimbal
  • Pan/tilt Camera
  • Select different cameras 1, 2, 3
  • Zoom (not shown)

Mouse Controls
  • Gimbal control
    • Pan / Tilt: Right mouse button + move mouse.
    • Zoom: Use the mouse-wheel.
    • Reset / Center Gimbal: Press both left and right mouse buttons.
  • How to change the position of the onboard Camera:
    • Move Camera - Left / Right / Up / Down: Right mouse button + CONTROL key + move mouse.
    • Move Camera - Forward / Backward: Right mouse button + CAPS key + move mouse.
Wiki / Views / Chase View

Chase View

The Chase View follows the aircraft in flight.

This view is selected from the Bottom Bar or from Main Menu / View

Default Chase View

Chase View closer to aircraft

Chase View from right side


Controls on screen
  • Reset
  • Position around aircraft
  • Distance to aircraft
  • Predefined Positions1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Mouse Controls
  • Change Azimuth / Elevation: Right mouse button + move mouse.
  • Change Distance to aircraft: Right mouse button + CAPS key + move mouse vertically, or mouse wheel.
  • Reset: Both left and right mouse buttons at once.
Wiki / Views / Free View

Free View

In the Free View, the viewer can freely move to any position in the scenario, while looking at the aircraft, or looking to a fixed position.

The icon represents the all-seeing eye of God, as the viewer can move
to any position in the scene and look in any direction.

This view is selected from the Bottom Bar or from Main Menu / View

The Free View has two modes of operation:

User Controls

Controls on screen
  • Reset
  • Forward
  • Altitude
  • Turn
  • Look / Not Look at aircraft

Mouse Controls
  • Press the right mouse button and the keys SHIFT or CONTROL to move the viewer.
  • Press both mouse buttons to engage/disengage looking at the aircraft.