Radio Control Training Simulator

You don't have to learn the hard way

AeroSIMRC is a training tool to help new drone pilots to learn to control their aircrafts without risking valuable equipment and time.

AeroSIMRC simulates in your computer the flight and operation of Airplanes, Helicopters and Drones (also known as Multirotors, Multicopters, Quadcopters or Quadrocopters).

If you need to learn to fly a Drone for a Professional application (aerial photography & video, inspections, surveys, surveillance, emergency response, search and rescue, etc.) or just for fun, you are invited to try AeroSIM-RC. The purpose of AeroSIMRC is to help new pilots to develop flying skills.


Product Description

What's in the box


Transmitter compatibility information

Check here if your transmitter can be used with AeroSIM-RC

Recommended Transmitters

If you do not have a controller, we recommend the following inexpensive options:

Compatible Transmitters

The following transmitters can be directly connected to the mono jack in the USB interface provided with AeroSIMRC:

Compatible Transmitters (with additional Adapter)

An additional Adapter is required for the following transmitters:

Incompatible Transmitters

The following transmitters cannot be used with AeroSIM RC: