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Professional Features

For Professional Users

Professional aircraft


Personal Business
Hobby Pro Academy Onsite Academy Online Industry
For the RC enthusiast.

Learn to fly RC airplanes, helicopters and drones, also FPV.

- AeroSIM RC features Training Programs for (screenshots at The airplane, helicopter and multirotor Training Programs will help you learn the skills required to safely pilot a RC model.
For the Professional Pilot

To learn and maintain pilot skills.

Practise advanced functions such as Camera and gimbal operation, RTH and Parachute.

We are currently working on the Advanced Training Program which will be the core element of the Pro Edition.
For Training Centers

Students can practise the manoeuvres of the practical Exam.

Current version 4.5 includes the Practical Exam for Spain (AESA)
Online Practical training

and Exam preparation
Specialised Operations Aerial inspections, surveys, etc.
Pro2017 Edition

Pro2017 Edition

Personal training for Professional Pilots

We are currently working on the Advanced Training Program which will be the core element of the Pro Edition.

Currently available features of Pro2017 are:

CyberQuad MAXI    ATX8_PRO    FleX-8


The Parachute (Flight Termination System) reduces the impact energy in case of emergency

     - CyberQuadMAX
     - ATX8-Pro
     - FleX-8

     - Parachute (Flight Termination System)
     - RTH function (Return To Home)
     - Capture snapshot to jpg (from a Remote Controller switch)

        Parachute      RTH Return To Home      Camera take photo to jpg file
Academy Onsite Edition

Academy Onsite Edition

Virtual Instruction for Training Providers

This Business Edition is tailored to the needs of Training Centers

Official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License in Spain - Spanish Aviation Safety Authority (AESA) - rev.3 27/07/2018

Official exam manoeuvres to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License,
according to AESA published guide Ap.I An.3 rev.3 27/07/2018.
(AESA is the Spanish Aviation Safety Authority)

   - The official exam to obtain the Multirotor Pilot License according to the Spanish Aviation Authority AESA.
   - All Pro features

Please, contact us for more information.
Aerial Inspection Scenario

Aerial Inspection Scenario

Wind Turbines, Power Lines, Comms Towers and Solar Panels

Aerial Inspection Scenario

Scenario for Aerial Inspection of
Wind Turbines, Power Lines, Comms Towers and Solar Panels

12 Channels

12 Channels

Control 12 functions from the Remote Controller

The standard license supports 7 channels, which is more than enough for pilot training.

However, camera operation also requires to control pan, tilt, zoom, gimbal reset and gimbal stabilizer.
Additional channels may be required for safety functions like RTH and Parachute release.

All functions can also be controlled from the computer keyboard and mouse.
However, professional users may need to control more than 7 functions from the Remote Controller.

   - This license supports up to 12 channels.

   - a Remote Controller capable of generating a PPM output with the 12 channels (for example: FrSky Taranis, Graupner mx20)
   - see additional notes below if you are using AeroSIM RC with the supplied Remote Controller FS-i6S

Example of 12 Channels used for
Multirotor Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Motor and Flight Mode,
Camera Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Stabilizer, Center,
and Safety RTH and Parachute

Notes regarding Remote Controller FS-i6S

The Remote Controller (FS-i6S) supplied with AeroSIM RC has 10 Channels.
However, its receiver (FS-A8S) only provides the first 8 channels in the PPM output.

The 10 channels can be obtained by connecting the the Remote Controller and the USB interface via wire.

Wireless mode: 8 effective channels

Since the receiver outputs 8 channels, only 8 channels can be obtained in wireless mode.

   Transmitter(10Ch) Receiver(8Ch) USB(12Ch license) 8 effective Channels

How to get 10 effective channels

The Controller provides a minidin4 connector at the bottom that outputs the 10 channels.

When ordering the 12-Channel option with a Remote Controller Pack, we will supply the necessary adapters to connect the Controller to the USB interface.

   Transmitter(10Ch) minidin4 Adapter + LongWireAdapter USB(12Ch license) 10 effective Channels