Drone Simulation

Serious Training

Drone Simulator

AeroSIMRC is a realistic Drone Simulator for the beguinner pilot
who needs to practise many hours before flying the real thing.

Advanced Features

Multirotor Mikrokopter Okto-XL   Drone DJI F450 with Naza and GPS   Multirotor Cinestar 8   DJI Phantom   TBS Discovery PRO

DJI F450 with GPS    Mikrokopter drones in AeroSIM-RC

Flight Modes and Functions

Manual  Attitude  GPS Hold Position      Altitude hold  Camera gimbal stabilization      Care Free mode (Mikrokopter)  Course lock mode (DJI)      LED 

Camera Gimbal

Okto with camera gimbal and LEDs in Stadium

Training Program

Altitude exercise

Altitude control familiarisation

Nose-in exercise

Nose-in hovering is very important to master

Hover exercise

Hovering inside the moving circle

Landing exercise

Landing inside the circle

Forward flight exercise

Forward Flight requires to master the multirotor at any heading